Some Tips on Guitar Picking

Child-Playing-GuitarIf you’ve just started playing the guitar and you’re thinking about improving your playing skills, then learning more about guitar picking techniques is the way to go. What is important first of all, is to understand that no single technique works for everybody out there. One thing you will learn from trying to master the guitar is that there are different picking techniques which suit different people in various situations.

If you want to know more about guitar picking, strumming, playing, sliding and sweeping, you first have to know the different methods of picking which are regularly used and then choose the picking technique which you feel works for you.

Types of guitar picking include:

  • Finger picking.
  • Picking.
  • Strumming.
  • Playing.
  • Sliding.

A lot of people find it a lot easier by learning with a guitar pick. Usually this is as a result of the fact that playing with your fingers will make them callused after a lot of practice. Your fingertips could easily become bloody or sore from regular practice. In the end however a lot of guitar players eventually

Rapping Tips

download (1)The word ‘rapping’ or ‘rap’ which originally means ‘to hit’ is the art of delivering rhymes, poetry or simply wordplay in a rhythmic manner. This form of rhyming which is also known as emceeing is associated with hip hop music. The art of rapping has its roots in Africa, and it existed long before the development of hip hop music, though in a different form. The ‘Griots’ of West Africa had mastered the art of delivering stories in a rhythmic manner. They used drums and other musical instruments while narrating these stories.

The following tips would help in developing the rapping skills and enable the artist to deliver a fine performance. These tips also include different methods to refine the technique.

  • The first and foremost thing that one should consider before starting off is to develop his/her enunciation skills and learn to control the breath.
  • Listening to songs/music properly before starting to rap is important. One should listen to the beats of the instruments carefully and feel the rhythm.
  • In order to rap properly, one should try to practice saying the same number

Tips for Encouraging Kids to Practice Musical Instruments

450-62700076-students-playing-orchestraTill your kids learn to make their own choices and develop an understanding about their interests, it is going to be your job to cultivate good habits in them and help them find their way. By giving them a musical instrument and encouraging them to practice it, you will help them develop a hobby and also give them a companion for life. Over time, they may develop a love for music and may even master the art.

But it’s not going to be easy. Forcing the kids to develop music as a hobby will not help. Kids they are, and getting them to follow one thing for long is going to be difficult. At that age, their interests keep changing very often, and they are easily distracted. We understand your difficulty. Here we offer you some tips on how to gently get your kids to practice their musical instrument regularly. Remember, nagging, frowning, or throwing tantrums is not going to help.

Fix a Time

It’s about fixing a time slot, not a time limit. Depending on the difficulty level of playing

Tips For Guitar Action Adjustment

Everyone wants to play an instrument that’s problem free. In order to enjoy the hassle free experience however, a lot of proactive initiatives are required to be taken from your side. Initially, you should be informed about which instrument to procure and from where. Subsequently, you need to maintain it carefully to prevent damages caused due to wear and tear. In case of unavoidable problems, you need to have adequate knowledge about guitar action adjustment and intonation, to iron out the issues.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore at the very outset you need to be very sure about the action of your guitar and how suitable it will prove to be for your playing style. There are a few checks that need to be carried out. The stretch of the fingerboard across the nut to the bridge should be straight. A little bow should do but there should not be any significant warping or twisting. You need to pick each and every string at their respective frets and check if there is a buzzing sound that emanates. Buzzing indicates that the fretboard is not correctly levelled or if the buzz is too loud,

Tips on Guitar Set Up and Maintenance

Most people who have a guitar of their own know the importance of setting up and maintaining the instrument to optimize its action. Guitar set up and maintenance is extremely important since poor playability can hamper a player’s progress and interest.

Though you can seek the aid of a professional guitar tech for getting an official set up done for the instrument; it is not always necessary. If you develop the practice of maintaining your guitar properly, you would end up saving money and also have the satisfaction of fixing your guitar by yourself.

In fact the basic adjustments that a guitar needs to sound better are simple and can be done even if a person does not have specialized skills of a professional technician. The first and foremost point which you need to keep in mind when setting up your musical instrument is that it would need set up tools that are of top quality. Cheap tools can end up ruining your instrument forever.

One would need screwdriver, hex keys, wire cutters, steel rule, feeler gauge, socket wrench, nut tools, string winder, bridge radius gauge and finally the neck block. So when you get

Great Tips for Guitar Recording

Recording electric guitar is very hard to be done if you do not know how to do it properly. It is different from the recording technique in the past. Now you do not need to do the recording by putting the microphone in front of the amplifier. You do not need to push the record button anymore. Since, it is a lot more convenient and easy to do guitar recording in recent days.

The sound of guitar varies on the instrument, amplifier, player, effect, and also the techniques in recording. If you are playing the guitar together you can do the tricks to make any kind of guitar recording result. Experimentation can be good in order to get the best sound that can suit to the duo guitars.

Before recording, make sure that your guitar is in great condition. Use the new strings which are fitted properly. As usual, you have to check the sound of your guitar so you will be able to fit the string and the amplifier. Check the tuning and intonation so you will be able to fix your guitar sound properly. Carefully check the tuning if you have opportunity because the

Ten Basic Tips for Guitar Learning

Playing the guitar is a skill many of us want to have but are either too busy, too shy, or just too lazy to undergo a course in “Guitarology”, so to speak. Here’s the catch: anyone can play the guitar, and I see a lot of people who can play really well even after just a couple of weeks of hard training. So why couldn’t you?

So here are 10 tips on playing the guitar, which any beginner guitarist must follow.

    1. Learn to play the guitar by utilizing either your fingers or that pick. This is essential; it could be that you are more versatile by using the fingers or the pick, and by learning to use the two you may realize that you are more better with the one than with the other. But, of course, it would be better if you know how to play the guitar without the pick just in case you lost it or did not take it with you.
    2. Understand the basics of tuning your guitar. This is vital; one way or another you are alone when playing a guitar and you cannot just go to the nearest guitarist

Tips On Guitar Beginners’ Lessons

Are you interested in taking up guitar beginners’ lessons? Be sure you read this article till the end, as I will be sharing with you some tips regarding them. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of basic guitar lessons so without further ado, let me get started!

Sign Up For Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

There are many types of courses that you can sign up for, but I highly recommend choosing online guitar lessons for beginners. The reasons are pretty simple. Firstly, you do not need to travel to a music school. Hence you get to save up on traveling expenses as well as time. Secondly, you also have the chance to go through the guitar beginners’ lessons as and when you want to. There is no such thing as a fixed or rigid schedule in most cases, because the lessons should be stored online, and all you need to do is access them. Thirdly, most of these lessons come in the form of videos, so you should be allowed to pause the videos if you feel that you are unable to keep up with the pace. You can

Tips For Guitar Classes Online

Wanting to learn to play the guitar is frustrating, but satisfying. In the beginning you’ll discover yourself getting extremely clumsy, you will not even have the opportunity to make up the necessary chords without clipping the other strings around them, but before long it will be possible to learn several of your favorite songs, and that is when studying the guitar definitely starts to become enjoyable. Below are a couple of steps to help you learn as quickly as feasible to help you to start participating your preferred songs:

Select the Best Guitar: Each and every guitar is different, and it’s good to think hard before buying your first one. Not every guitar would work for a starter, some will come with an action that may be too high (where the strings are far from the guitar fretboard more so you need to press down harder) among others has additional decor on the fretboard that may confuse you while you try and learn the notes. Choose a plain, basic guitar for your initial one, you can get a cool one later on.

While looking for the right guitar for your needs, head online. Take a moment

Tips On Guitar Playing That Make Learning The Guitar More Effective

Anyone interested in learning the guitar can do so – after all, there are now various lessons that are affordable and effective, not only the traditional ones, but also ones online. Playing a musical instrument is really a talent which can be learned. If what you’re interested in is to become a guitarist you want to become successful in the lessons, apply the following tips on guitar playing:

One great idea is to engage in some self study first before you hire a tutor or enroll yourself in a music school. You can search the World Wide Web for articles and e-books on the subject and start learning the guitar basics so that by the time you take actual paid lessons, you won’t waste money and you’ll not be clueless about what the tutor is saying. There are so many resources online that explain about playing a musical instrument whether a guitar, the drums, a piano, and so on.

To become a guitarist, one of the tips on guitar playing you should never ever forget is to pick a place where you can practice without being distracted. If you can soundproof your practice room, that would

Tips on Buying Guitars Online

The internet has led to changes that would have been impossible to understand just a decade ago. Buying a musical instrument without hearing it is one such change. But keep a few things in mind when you do it and it can be a convenient way to score a good instrument at a good price.

There’s really two kinds of people who should be buying their guitars online, experts or really serious guitar players and beginners. The first group knows exactly what kind of guitar they want, and at that level of price and quality they can be assured that that particular guitar will be terrific. Beginners don’t really care as much, so long as it has six strings and can play. The truth is each guitar is unique as its made out of a particular sheet of wood that experiences conditions unlike any of its fellow models at the factory. Each sheet is alive, and guitars can age with grace or misery depending on how they’re maintained. This needs to be kept in mind when looking online, but even still it’s possible to buy.

Let’s say you’re looking for a vintage guitar. You know what

Tips on How to Move a Piano Made Easy

Moving a piano can both be a tiresome and frightening experience; tiresome because you couldn’t move it that easily unlike other furniture; and frightening because for sure, that piano is among your most precious possessions and moving it may mean having to risk scratches and other unsightly damages to get in the way.

Basically, a piano can be moved in two ways: hire a professional and save you from the hassle or you can always use some help from friends and save yourself hundreds of bucks. Either way you want it, it is essential that you know how to do it.

Tip # 1: Moving a Piano by Hiring a Professional

This is definitely the easiest among the two categories. All you ever need to do is contact the nearest Professional Piano Moving Service in your area. A cost of $125-$600 is the usual price when the move is just within the city and an additional of $2-$10 per step if it has to be moved upstairs. When a piano needs to be lifted through a window, the cost is $700-$2,000 depending on the accessibility.

Important reminder: follow these tips on how to move

Tips For Home Music Production

With the advent of digital technology, musicians can mix their own music at home. A plethora of computer programs gives you the tools that you need to make professional sounding mixes from at your desk. Curious about how to best do your own home music production? Here’s some information that will help.

Tools For Home Music Production

In order to produce music at home, you’ll need to have a high quality computer. Older machines are fine for Internet use or word processing, but music mixing puts some significant demands on many systems. Make sure that your computer has plenty of available memory, so that it doesn’t slow down or crash in the middle of production.

You’ll also need to have the right software. Exactly what you require will depend on the type of production you want, and the use of the end product. There are a lot of options available, including some quality free programs available through the GPL. However, as with many other things, you may find you get what you pay for with free software. For many people, it’s a good springboard, but they’ll end up buying a high end professional product later.

Tips on Mixing and Matching Music at Your Wedding

Thankfully, there are many great performers who can ensure that your guests – and that you, the happy couple – enjoy a truly special occasion. From singers for hire who can perform a range of popular swing and pop tunes to string quartets that make for sumptuous daytime entertainment, look for reputable, experienced professionals and you are unlikely to be disappointed.

A potential problem can arise, however, if you decide that you would like to mix and match the music on your big day. This is actually a choice for many couples, who decide that they want more traditional music during the ceremony itself – and even throughout the wedding lunch – but then prefer much more lively entertainment in the evening.

Having to think about hiring a number of different performers can be a real headache, and for this reason many newlyweds-to-be hesitate on hiring the musical setup they really want for fear of it all going wrong. If this is what you truly want at your wedding, however, here are a few tips on how to mix and match your musical entertainment successfully.

Firstly, consider that all your musical choices should be aligned

Tips To Buy A Used Piano From A Piano Store

The piano is probably one of the biggest and oldest musical instruments. With its immense versatility and beautiful sound, a piano has the capability to blend extremely well with other musical instruments. It can also prove to be an ideal solo instrument too. However, buying a piano can be quite tricky. There are a wide variety of pianos with various brands that could be chosen from. The sound, looks, effectiveness and features often vary to a large extent. Moreover, their price range varies too. It becomes very difficult to buy a piano unless one is sure about what he is looking for.

It is often suggested that the bigger a piano is, the better would its sound quality be. Also buying the more expensive one, even for a starter, would result in a rich sound experience. But these suggestions do not always hold true. This is the space saving age and it becomes extremely difficult to make space for a huge piano. Moreover, people with limited budget cannot always afford a high level brand new piano. But that does not mean they cannot ever own the musical instrument of their dreams. A lot of piano stores sell

Piano Playing Tips

One of the most important piano playing tips is to set aside separate times for piano practice and piano performance. Both practice and performance time are used to improve piano playing, but in different ways.

At least ninety percent of playing time should be practice time. This is time to thoughtfully and carefully learn. Every practice session should have a goal, such as learning specific sections of a piece, notes, memory, or just building familiarity. All of this practice playing should be done with a slow comfortable tempo that makes the piece easy to play. The aim of practice time is to learn to play as accurately as possible.

When performing a piece for an audience or as practice performance, musicians should play to the best of their ability but without stopping to correct errors. It is important to perform pieces often to see how well they go! After a performance, use practice time to go over the sections that need improvement.

Here are some piano playing tips to use in structured piano practice time:

Before starting to play, do several minutes of full arm, shoulder, hand and finger stretches.
Move each arm in

Tips On How To Play Blues Piano

Studying how to play blues piano might seem easy. However, it takes more than a single lesson for one to become a professional in playing the blues. If you are one of the few who are lucky enough to have a really good ear, then you should have an easier time. Otherwise, it is recommended to deepen your understanding of music theories and chords by practicing and reading music.

The notes on the instrument are actually based on guitar notes. When the blues style was slowly gaining popularity, guitar players used a technique to bend the notes and produce a soulful sound. This would result to notes that are higher or lower by a half-step. This sound would be impossible to mimic on an instrument, unless we manipulate the strings inside.

These notes are played by changing the third and fifth chord tones. For instance, if we were to resolve a minor 3rd then it would become a major 3rd. This would yield a more whimsical and softer tone. The style can be integrated to your regular instrument-playing in many ways.

The notes for the instrument, when appended to your lines, can be played individually.

Singing Tips for Beginners

Make no mistake, singing tips aren’t something that are applicable only to beginners or youngsters or newcomers to singing. Music is one such field wherein a singer (as well as a musician) forever remains a student. The day a singer or a musician starts feeling or behaving like a ‘Mr. Knows-it-all’, that’s when he stops getting better at his art, and that’s also when his decline as an artiste begins.

On the basis of all that I’ve learned, heard, read, seen, and experienced as a singer, here are a few singing tips that newcomers must make a ‘note’ of. Please Note: By ‘beginners’, I do not necessarily mean just kids or children. The magic of melody is such, that it arouses interest in a person’s mind at any time of his life. So the following apply to people of all ages, right from a 10-year-old girl to a retired grandfather.

Listen, Listen, Listen!
A singer should always listen to different styles of music, or to be precise, different styles of singing. Of course, every singer has his or her own personal favorites when it comes to singers, musicians, and genres of music. However, broadening your horizon

Tips for Choosing the Right Drum Set

Owning a drum set is essential if one is interested in learning or playing the drums. Purchasing a drum kit, however, is no mean feat; on the contrary, one has to remember that it is a purchase which has to last for a considerate amount of time. Choosing the right drum set then is a crucial and important task that cannot be taken lightly.

Before we go into what type of drum set suits you the best, it is essential to know the components that make it a kit.

Components of a Basic Drum

1. Bass Drum: Also known as kick drum, it is used to provide rhythm to a piece of music.
2. Snare Drum: Quite a contrast to the bass drum, it outlines the rhythmic framework and is used to highlight accents in the music.
3. High Tom: It’s a double-headed tom-tom drum that makes a higher sound and is placed atop the bass drum on the left side of the throne or player’s seat.
4. Mid Tom: Sitting atop the bass drum to the right side of the throne, the mid tom is used to produce middle or comparatively lower tones.
5. Floor Tom:

Singing Tips for Kids

Music happens to be one of those rare things which each and every child enjoys. Though most 5-year olds, 6-year olds, 8-year olds, etc., are at an age where they are too young to understand music theories or music appreciation, nevertheless, nearly all of them enjoy the ‘sound’ of music. This is something which is very important, and it is often a very decisive factor in a child pursuing music or developing a serious interest in it at a later stage.

Singing happens to be one aspect of music that most kids are introduced to in the early stages of school. A friendly looking music teacher, who is slightly plump, with rimmed glasses that rest at the tip of her nose, sitting at the piano, teaching ‘Popeye the Sailorman’ to a bunch of young enthusiastic kiddos, is a very common sight, and one which instantly brings a smile on the face of any bystander. Well, the liking for music (not to mention the increasing influence of reality shows) has led to quite a few children developing a serious interest in music, and in particular, singing.

Tips for Children
Rather than enlisting any specific singing lessons meant for kids, I think